Iris A. Law is a writer and editor currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lately of Lexington, Kentucky, she is a Kundiman poetry fellow and holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Notre Dame and a BA in English from Stanford University. Her chapbook, Periodicity, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2013. Iris has four years of editorial experience in academic publishing and is a founding editor of the online literary journal and blog Lantern ReviewWhen not working on editing- or poetry-related projects, Iris is active in the literary community. She recently finished a term on the board of the Kentucky Women Writers Conference and enjoys curating and producing community-oriented literary interventions and installations. She blogs about writing and making things (both on and off the page) here.

Selected Press

Speaking of Marvels

Fireside (Kundiman’s blog)

Kelsay Street Press Blog

The Rumpus

Accents Radio (link plays streaming radio episode)

The Blood-Jet Writing Hour (link plays streaming radio episode)

Harriet (the Poetry Foundation’s blog)

Please note: the above list is confined to interviews, reviews of my work, and guest posts and appearances. For examples of my published poetry and prose, please refer to the “Writing” section of this website.